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Please STOP GLOBAL WARMING !!!  Let's plant more trees for BONSAI or NOT, at least it could make our circumstances more GREEN and BEAUTIFUL, to get more OXYGEN for OUR LIFE ... NOW and also in the FUTURE !!!




*** New Gallery ***

*** Training Gallery & Sketches ***

Tedy Boy - Bonsai - Indonesia
Bismillahirohmanirohim ... Assalamualaikum Wr Wb, Salam Sejahtera, Happy Bonsai Greetings and Welcome to the Bonsai World. Let's Play the Bonsai Art for Sharing of the Happiness in The Bonsai World. Let's Plant more Trees for Bonsai Hobby, to Save Our Planet from Global Warming, to make our Circumstances more Green and Beautiful. I teach how BONSAI HOBBY can be so EASY , FUN and ENJOYABLE for EVERYONE like another hobby such Fishing, Painting, Music, Dancing, Video Game etc.

*****Juniperus Rigida Lessons *****
from US.$ 1,- become Beauty

SOLD OUT : Mr. Iyus, Bandung, Cell. 08156255789

*** Juniperus Chinensis Lessons ***
Please see my article of this one on " Bonsai Appreciation " Magazine from BCI ( Bonsai Clubs International - USA ) April / May / June 2009 Edition, 6 Pages.

Phemna Mycrophilla Lessons
Simple Bonsai from Cut & Plant

Sold Out : Mr. Husny Bahasuan ( Ketua PPBI Sidoarjo )

Sold Out : Mr. Husny Bahasuan, Surabaya ( Ketua PPBI Sidoarjo )

Simple Penjing / Grouping Planting
from Stupid Materials of Phemna Mycrophilla

******* Others Gallery *******

SOLD OUT : Mr. Hanny, Bekasi

My Bonsai Road Show, Exhibition, Lecture, Demonstration & Workshop
I more focus and prefer to influent a general people to PLAY a BONSAI HOBBY than any kind of Bonsai Contest 

******** Bonsai Sketch ********
We need BLUE PRINT / DESIGN to Build a CITY or HOUSE. Same with Bonsai, It needs YOUR SIMPLE IMAGINATION about the Beautiful Tree Character from Elementary to Illusion Level Style. This is It ... DYNAMIC SKETCH, I call It!!! Do You feel not expert in Drawing? Don't be sad, please. It can be trained !!! Please make a curve line as flexible as you can in 20-30 minutes every days. Guaranted you can make The DYNAMIC BONSAI SKETCH in 2-3 weeks, Believe Me !!! Bonsai is VISUAL ART such Painting or Sculpture. It's All about your imagination for " The BEAUTIFUL THREE CHARACTER " before you make it. There is no right or wrong, because this is about Art, it's about Taste, Very Personal Taste, It's YOUR TASTE !!! You can make Bonsai from Elementary Style to Advance, from General Style to Illusion Style Level, from Stupid Materials to Good Materials

****** My Bonsai Adventure in MUMBAI - INDIA ******
Many thanks to Mr. Sujay Shah and Mrs. Ruppa Shah Invitation

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Ebook India

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of " My Bonsai Adventure in Ssurup Bonsai Village, Mumbai - India "
38 Pages full Colour

CONCLUSIONS :Recommended for the beginners : Please Start from General / Ordinary / Stupid Materials. Making from Good Materials is Easier, but well ... they are Expensive. The most important is how much the value added of THE BEAUTIFUL TREE CHARACTER you can give to materials. Bonsai is not about the True Age, it is not about how much money you have, it is not about what your occupation is, it is not about how high your education is, it is not about right or wrong, It's all about Taste, Very Personal Taste .... It's YOUR TASTE, It's all about what you like and what you want, It is not about how many years you have been playing, it is not about how old your age, It's about YOUR TALENT and SKILL, and it can be LEARNED EASILY, QUICKLY, SO FUN and ENJOYABLE ... BELIEVE ME !!! Bonsai has a lot of POSITIVE EFFECT such as Fun, Happiness, Power, love, Environment Education, Friendship, Brotherhood, Link, Prestige, for Killing Time, as Investment, as the second income and more, the choice is yours.

Wanna be EASY ???
Just remember : The BEAUTIFUL TREE CHARACTER !!! Bonsai is very Easy and Fun. Bonsai = 10% is Botanical Science only and 90% is ART, Bonsai is VISUAL ART, Make Your Heart Comportable, Explore your Imagination, Be Your Self, like Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones with his Unique Rock n' Roll or Mr. Masahiko Kimura with well ... all bonsai artist has known his greatness. The Best JUDGE is your heart and the public, Just Do It ... Play It ... and Feel It ... You'll get The

Jurus Sakti membeli Bonsai :
Belilah karena hati anda benar - benar suka akan KEINDAHANNYA dan cocok dengan harganya sesuai budget anda, Jangan percaya pada opini tentang kualitas / prospek menurut siapapun, Juri terbaik adalah hati anda, Hati kecil tidak akan pernah berbohong. Membeli bonsai identik dengan memilih calon istri, maukah anda bila calon istri anda dipilihkan oleh orang lain atau karena opini orang lain? Pilihan hati sendiri tidak akan pernah mengecewakan anda biarpun kata orang lain bonsai tersebut jelek atau tidak prospek. Ingat, dalam segala hal dikeseharian kita, selalu ada " kepentingan " dibalik setiap opini. Selamat mencoba !

Jurus sakti merawat bonsai untuk para pemula / awam :
Siram minimal 2 kali sehari ( pastikan media tidak kekeringan ), Matahari idealnya dari pagi sd sore ( minimal ( jam 7 sd 10 pagi ), Media harus subur ( secara umum campuran : Tanah subur, pupuk kandang, guano, humus, kompos, pasir malang, gabah, pecahan bata, bekas gergajian, yg penting campuran tersebut yakin subur dan cukup porositasnya ), ganti media / potong akar secara berkala ( minimal 1 tahun sekali kecuali untuk jenis - jenis tertentu seperti juniperus, pines dll cukup 2-3 tahun sekali ), jangan simpan diruangan ber-AC, untuk indoor wajib digilir 2-3 hari sekali. Selamat Mencoba yaaaaa .......! Salam Bonsai Selalu ....................

Please Come to INDONESIA
for Bonsai Adventure, Vocation or Business
We Welcome you in PEACE